We love public restrooms. It is all we do.

Our vision

To make innovative, comfortable, and hygienic restrooms the new standard.

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Our motivation

Everyone deserves a clean space to relax and refresh, regardless of where they are. But environments like this are hard to come by in China and Asia. Even in developed cities that are filled with modern, world-class infrastructure, public restroom facilities can still appear to be an afterthought.

We've all been there. Restrooms that are poorly designed, not regularly serviced, lacking basic amenities like toilet paper and soap, and inconvenient for parents with infants - these can all create stressful and uncomfortable experiences. We find these standards to be unacceptable, thus we have set out to improve the status quo.

At WeCare WC, we design, construct and maintain fully serviced public restrooms with an emphasis on hygiene, intuitive design and quality brand partner products.

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Our team

We are a fast-growing, international dream team with experience in the industry, a big passion for restrooms, and a burning desire to change the status quo. We are a worldly crew with a collective mission to transform the public restroom industry.