First 1000m2 Hangzhou Project Launched!

Just after President Xi Jinping announced the need for a country-wide “toilet revolution”, WeCare WC achieved another victory by launching in Hangzhou’s Intime Department store.

The new restroom has surprises around every corner, including stalls with vibrant graphics and mirrors with motivational quotes. For customers with families, there is also a family room complete with a changing station, dual adult and child toilets, and educational and amusing graphics coating the walls.

One of nearly 30 in China, the prominent Hangzhou Wulin Intime Department Store lies in the city’s core. With 350,000 m2 of retail space, it is always one step ahead of others in emerging fashion trends with a number of brands hitting sales records in Hangzhou. Moreover, Intime and e-commerce giant Alibaba have developed a strong partnership with plans to implement a series of long-term growth strategies.

Not only is the new WeCare WC at Hangzhou Intime Department Store the first of its kind outside of Shanghai, but it comes at a pivotal period in China’s development with the efforts to raise the hygiene and comfort levels in public facilities. Wherever there are public facilities, WeCare WC will be there to completely redefine the current standards.