Our partners in making a change.

Our location partners are malls, shopping centers, train stations, airports, and more. They allow us to spread our wings and actively transform the public restroom experience in China and Asia. We take care of the whole restroom package - design, construction supervision and maintenance - so they can focus on their core business, whatever that may be!

We proudly opened our first project with Sinopec on August 22nd 2017. Sinopec is one of China’s largest state-owned petroleum company and takes 3rd place in the Global Fortune 500 rankings. Currently in the process of revamping its gas stations with convenience stores, electric car chargers, and more adaptive innovations, we thought it would be a great time to sweep in and take over the restroom part. This first location, on Jinxiu Road in Shanghai Pudong New Development District especially features a wide selection of Rigel products, a brand known for its environmentally sustainability. This project opens up the door to expanding across Shanghai and China’s many Sinopec locations.

One of WeCare WC’s latest project is at Lilacs International Commercial Center, a brand new office building and shopping mall in Pudong District boasting some of the city’s most contemporary architectural innovation. This project proves to be a proud moment in WeCare WC’s history, not only because of the eye-dropping aesthetics of each facility, but because there are a lot of firsts in this project.

It features the first powder room in China (for primping yourself in a comfortable and private setting before heading out to meetings, dinner, or drinks). It showcases our first all-gender, accessible restroom. It features our first successful advertising campaign with our beloved partner, Sigikid, one of the most renowned German plush toy brands. Finally, we are located on the first floor; a rare opportunity to gain exposure in a high-traffic area of the shopping center.