First 1000m2 Hangzhou Project Launched!

Just after President Xi Jinping announced the need for a country-wide “toilet revolution”, WeCare WC achieved another victory by launching in Hangzhou’s Intime Department store. The new restroom has surprises around every corner, including stalls with vibrant graphics and mirrors ...


WeCare WC x Lilacs Now Blueair Zone!

We are proud to announce that our WeCare WC x Lilacs facility is now declared a Blueair Zones! Thanks to our Swedish air purifier brand partner, Blueair, you can be assured that every time you and your family visit our WeCare ...


WeCare WC Celebrates the Holidays Right!

This year, WeCare WC celebrated Christmas and the New Year with a toilet cake (naturally), overflowing with gold coins in prediction of another fortuitous year for the brand. Thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far!


Sinopec x WeCare WC Opens!

WeCare WC, as China's first public restroom brand, is a pioneer in transforming public restrooms using innovative concepts. Sinopec has "better energy for better living” as a corporate mission, keeping pace with the times with creative initiatives. WeCare WC and ...


WeCare WC Wins Award for Sustainability!

On September 8th, 2017, WeCare WC proudly accepted the Sustainability Best Practice Award at the Shanghai 2040 Corporate Innovation and Sustainability Summit 2017. Alongside famous brands such as Apple, Philips, and Mobike, WeCare WC is quickly becoming a leader in ...