Sinopec x WeCare WC Opens!

WeCare WC, as China’s first public restroom brand, is a pioneer in transforming public restrooms using innovative concepts. Sinopec has “better energy for better living” as a corporate mission, keeping pace with the times with creative initiatives. WeCare WC and Sinopec together is a powerful combination. At the Jinxiu Road station in Shanghai’s Pudong district, we completed the first outdoor gas station public restroom. We are honored to be working for Sinopec, bringing its culture and elements of Sinopec into restroom design, to create a warm and comfortable space and provide a better experience for gas station customers.

WeCare WC作为中国首个公共卫生间品牌,以创新的理念重新定义公共卫生间标准。中国石化以“为美好生活加油”作为企业使命,与时俱进,勇于创新。此次WeCare WC 与中国石化强强联合,在上海市浦东新区锦绣路加油站落成了首个户外加油站公共卫生间。我们非常荣幸能为中国石化服务,别出心裁地将中国石化的企业文化和元素融入到卫生间设计中,打造出舒适而温馨的空间,为加油站的客户提供更好的体验服务。

The restrooms feature some incredible products and craftsmanship with private and spacious toilet stalls, motivational mirrors with advertising built in, and more. When combined together, something truly unique and one-of-a-kind is created. There is no other gas station restroom quite like it.

WeCare WC中石化卫生间有着不同寻常的产品与精细的做工,宽敞的厕所隔间,带有广告屏幕的镜字等等。当这些所有的特点结合起来,造就了独一无二、不可比拟的加油站公共卫生间。

And we are would like to introduce the newest member of our diligent team, Ms. Xu Li, taking on the valiant role as Chief Guardian of Restrooms at our SINOPEC location. Ms. Xu, with her bubbly personality and tenacity, will help WeCare WC fulfill an important aspect of its value proposition, thorough service and maintenance.

同时,我们也想向大家介绍团队的新成员徐莉女士——中石化卫生间守护者,她活泼开朗的个性和吃苦耐劳的精神将帮助WeCare WC完成服务与维护这一重任。

We love to hear feedback, so feel free to go check it out at No.11 Jinxiu Road (near the Inner ring elevated road) , Pudong District, Shanghai.