WeCare WC荣获可持续奖

2017年9月8日,WeCare WC荣获“迈向2040:企业创新与城市可持续发展最佳案例–2017可持续行动典范奖”并受邀参加颁奖典礼与企业高峰论坛。参会的还有许多其他驰名中外的公司和企业,例如苹果电脑,飞利浦,摩拜单车等。WeCare WC正在成为国际大都市上海城市创新与可持续解决方案提供者里的领头羊。所有WeCare WC的公共卫生设施内都使用了合作品牌的高质量环保的产品,有着极大的可持续发展价值。每个项目完成后,都将改善城市公共卫生现状,并引导使用者养成更好的卫生习惯。

CEO和创始人Wendy Krueger女士说:“这对于WeCare WC来说,是十分重要的时刻,这再次申明了我们的使命–给每个人带来更卫生更舒适的公共卫生设施。随着城市的发展,上海的人口将越来越多,可持续为卫生间的解决方案变得尤为重要。这将是WeCare WC的舞台。”

我们希望能在更多的地点建立WeCare WC公共卫生间,践行可持续发展战略,进一步提升城市的可持续发展力。


On September 8th, 2017, WeCare WC proudly accepted the Sustainability Best Practice Award at the Shanghai 2040 Corporate Innovation and Sustainability Summit 2017. Alongside famous brands such as Apple, Philips, and Mobike, WeCare WC is quickly becoming a leader in creating sustainable solutions for Megacities like Shanghai. Each public facility WeCare WC devises contains the best brand partner products, all with high sustainability values. When finished, each facility improves the sanitation and hygiene issues of our cities and helps change the habits of restroom users.

CEO and founder, Wendy Krueger, stated “this is a great moment for WeCare WC as it reaffirms our mission of bringing hygienic and comfortable public facilities to all. As our cities develop and begin to reach overpopulation levels, sustainable restroom solutions are indispensable. This is WeCare WCs moment to shine.”

We look forward to continue adding more locations and further improve our sustainability practices.